Our Brands

Didactic offers a complete range of medical devices to control the infectious risk. Our 4 worldwide-known brands are available in more than 50 countries. Our mission: to make the life of healthcare professionals easier to take care of patients.

Gloves and hand protection

Polysem.medical protects healthcare professionals from infectious risks with quality products for everyday medical and surgical acts: nitrile, vinyl, latex and polyethylene.

Find the right glove, for the right care, at the right time.

Hygiene, comfort and care of dependent patients

Dr.helewa contributes to infection control with its solutions for the hygiene of the dependent patient: super-absorbent liners and bags for excreta collection, no-rinse gloves, Newbedding – new generation medical bedding

Mouth care

Inter.med solutions allow the prevention of infections and the reduction of oral pathologies; thanks to a range of high-quality swab, and adapted oral solutions, Inter.med participates in the improvement of patient comfort and makes care easier and safer.

Infusion, injection, urology and care

Everyday, Infineed assists you with a large range of safe products to prevent the infectious risk by offering high quality medical devices for perfusion, oncology, syringes, needles, short catheters, urine collectors, surgical brushes, scalpels…

Body fluid management solution

Hygie is the Canadian reference for biological fluid management. Through its innovative concept of single-patient devices, Hygie offers a complete range of products allowing all contaminants to be contained and eliminated directly at the source, with particular attention to the environment.