Nos marques

Didactic offers you a coherent and complete offer of medical devices organized around 4 brands, recognized worldwide and available in 25 countries.

And to simplify even more the life of healthcare professionals, we have developed strong innovations are developed, inspired by your expectations.

Gloves and hand protection

Leading brand in the field of hand protection, Polysem.medical is the leader in France thanks to its technical expertise recognized by healthcare facilities.

Hygiene, comfort and care of dependent patients

Used worldwide, the innovative Dr.helewa products allow better hygiene for dependent patients and control of the risk of infection in the areas of excreta management or personal hygiene

Mouth care designs, develops and manufactures in France a complete range of mouth care devices for dependent patients. Exclusive innovations and a high level of quality make our brand a recognized specialist in oral hygiene.

Infusion, injection, urology and care

The new Didactic brand, Infineed, places caregivers at the heart of its concerns to develop innovative products in the fields of infusion, injection, urology and the patient’s environment.