Didactic acts for care against Covid-19


Our goal: to be by your side during this health crisis

Being an essential player in the health chain, we have implemented a set of measures in order to continue to fulfill our mission.

Security of supply for hospitals and medico-social facilities

  • A specific logistical organization in order to continue this key activity for the supply of health facilities.
  • To ensure the continuity of the preparation of deliveries, essential at this time of crisis, we have significantly increased the hourly amplitude of order preparation and multiplied by 2 the number of order preparers.
  • Our Purchasing and Supply teams closely monitor the resumption of activities with our suppliers, in order to adapt the schedule to the needs of our customers, particularly with faster means of transport (transport by train).
  • Our Sales teams remain available and available to all customers.

Safety of its employees in compliance with health and government regulations

  • Our logistics team was divided into 2 groups, working alternately, so as not to cross paths and therefore reduce the risk of contamination.
  • The Accounting, HR, Commerce, Marketing & Development, and ADV services are 100% home working. Only the Logistics department is in place to ensure delivery of orders to healthcare facilities.
  • All employees are invited to maintain the recommended distance of 1m. All offices have been supplied with bottles of hydroalcoholic gel, and surgical masks are available for teams on site.

Our Inter.med manufacturing site also remains mobilized in this context

The production teams are also engaged to continue to supply products intended for oral care for resuscitation patients, palliative care, or dependent patients.

Measures have been taken to limit contact: setting up individual production workshops, strict instructions when arriving at the production site.

All Didactic teams are mobilized to respond, in the best possible way, to your needs.

Our customer service is always available on +33 2 35 44 93 93.


Take care of yourself and your loved ones.


The Didactic team